Cream / Butter

A·S·T·A eismann GmbH makes a customized production vessel for the production of butter and cream.

The capacity ranges from 50 to 300 l. It can be designed with one, two, or three walls, as required. The inside of the vessel is manufactured in a way that prevents butter from sticking. It includes a kneader and agitator with hollow shaft auger gearbox. The required power depends on the vessel size.
By means of a frequency converter the variable speed control applies high speed for churning the butter and low speed for kneading the butter. The buttermilk flows out through a bottom outlet. The frequency converter and the complete control system are placed inside a stainless steel box. It includes a hinged cover made of stainless steel with a big plexiglass panel. The complete butter maker can be tilted using a pneumatic mechanism so that the buttermilk can be easily emptied. We also offer a heating/cooling A·S·T·A butter maker that can be used for the elaboration of cream. In this model the cream is pasteurized in the vessel and afterwards cooled to storage and ripening temperature.
The butter maker can be used for the elaboration of yoghurt, cheese, fresh cheese and quark.


Butter churn for 50 l cream


Working the butter